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Monday, March 29, 2021

Social Distancing with Dolls

I needed to get out this weekend so I took some of my dolls out for photos. I chose some of my 18" dolls. Can you tell who they are?


I visited the campus of a local university. Classes were not in session and there was a public area in front. 




There was a pond that is always filled with ducks and turtles. They temporarily removed the feeding machines because of covid but you can tell they are used to being fed by people. They all swam close to us.


There were people there but everyone kept enough distance so I just snapped a bunch of pics.


I'm sure you know who these dolls are but I will post pictures of them without their masks in the next post!

I hope everyone is well and that we all get back to a new normal soon.


  1. It looks like it was a lovely day there. Your dolls have beautiful eyes almost like the Journey Girls dolls.

  2. I agree. This was a nice day out. It has been hard for me to get out on the weekends because of everything but hopefully that will change soon. I like the little ducks in pond in the background.