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Monday, February 6, 2017

Dollar Store Doll Clothes

I've seen different versions of these dolls in dollar stores for a while now. Their dresses come in many colors and patterns. The quality is obviously on the cheap side.
But what the heck, I decided to buy a couple to see if the clothes fit Barbie.

The dresses are made out of nylon. The shoes are made out of hard plastic. The shoes were a bit small though. They might fit a Barbie with smaller feet. All the shoes in the packages appear to be pink.

The dresses fit both belly button Barbie (1999 body imprint)  and the slim tnt Barbie (1991 body imprint). They did not fit the older tnt Barbie (1966 body imprint).

Actually my Barbie's look pretty cute in the dresses.

Not a bad outfit for a buck.

I will probably donate the dollar dolls to Goodwill.