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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tiny Wood (Doll) Furniture

I found this tiny wood furniture at a thrift store. I figured with all the dolls that I have that one of them should be a possible fit.

There were two chairs, a couch and a dresser. Each piece is about 2" tall.

The drawers in the dresser actually open.

As it turns out the smallest dolls that I have (my 4" Kelly dolls) actually fit the scale of the furniture pretty well. I paid only $1 for the lot.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

OG Lori Doll - Zarya

While at Target I saw the Lori dolls and had to buy one. They didn't have all of them but they had Zarya.

I couldn't resist her curly hair and hazel eyes. I will probably check another store for others available but for now I have this cutie.

I haven't opened her yet, but she fits in perfectly with my other mini dolls. Here she is pictured with 6" American Girl Mini Kit and Our Generation Mini Ayla who has the same face mold as Zarya.