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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hearts for Hearts Doll - Dell

I got this cute Hearts for Heart doll Dell for a good price. The only thing wrong with her is that she had a few ink spots on her face.

I've seen lots of people on blogs use benzoil peroxide (Cleracil) so I gave it a try. After a few days it was still there.

So I did the next step. I covered her eyes because the eyes on these dolls tend to fade and I'm not sure if it is because of sun exposure. I then wrapped her face in gauze to keep the cotton balls intact.

I covered her with a sheet and left only the part of her face exposed with benzoil peroxide. I put her out in the sun for an hour.       

She came out perfect. Her vinyl was very soft at first but then firmed back up. I know this technique is probably old news for most seasoned doll collectors but it's nice to see that it works.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

BFC Ink Dolls Aleisha & Noelle

This is Aleisha & Noelle, two additions to my 18" BFC Ink Dolls dolls. They are sisters. They both have tanned skin and dark hair. The are both fully jointed.

Aleisha has bangs and her hair is straight. But it is very uneven. Her hair is also kind of matted and tangled. Noelle has soft hair that fall loose in curls.

They both have on their original clothes except for Noelle's shoes. They are actually key chains that I got from the Dollar store. They fit perfectly. The only problem is that they are both a left shoe.