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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Tonner Doll - Friday Foster

Tonner Doll - Thank God it's Friday
Here is my new tonner doll. I actually got her awhile back but am just getting around to opening her. She is Friday Foster from the Tonner Doll Company. She was originally a comic strip character in the early 70's which inspired the 1975 TV series "Friday Foster" staring Pam Grier.

Since the Tonner Doll Company is no longer in business, I was lucky to find her online.

Tonner Doll - Far Out FridayTonner Doll - Funky Friday 
In addition to a basic model, she came in a several other versions.

(Thank God it's Friday, Far Out Friday & Funky Friday).

Tonner Doll - Thank God it's Friday
 My Foster doll is the "Thank God it's Friday.

 Tonner Doll - Thank God it's Friday 

She came in a short halter dress that has gold & silver sequins and has cut outs on the side.

She  has on fishnet stockings and black leather like knee high boots that actually zip up.

Tonner Doll - Thank God it's Friday

Her hair is in a short curly bob. Overall I think she is pretty awesome!