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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Handmade 18" Doll Shoe Find

I love buying handmade items and supporting other crafters. So this weekend while shopping a local craft show, I was delighted to find a vendor making 18" doll shoes. I have patterns for 18" doll shoes but I have had the patience to make them.

She made them in all sorts of colors and materials. I bought five pairs.

Since a lot of my dolls were purchased used or from thrift stores many of them did not come with shoes.

Here is how the  shoes look on my 18" dolls feet.

These flats are made of fabric with bows on the front.

The two sandals are made of vinyl with little buckles on the side.

These flats are made of denim with little rosets.

 The boots are made of fabric and have little rhinestones on them.

I think they are all so cute and creative. I love handmade items!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Creative Ideas for Barbie Video

Here is a fun video on how to make all kinds of stuff for Barbie. Since it has over 10k likes, many of you may have already seen it. I'm not sure all of the ideas  are feasible, like dying Barbie's hair with food color for instance  but you can surely be inspired when making your own creations. It is overt 30 min long and sound is not necessary, so enjoy at your leisure.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Glitter Girls Doll - Bluebell

Glitter Girls Doll - Bluebell

Glitter Girls Doll - Bluebell

Glitter Girls Doll, Bluebell. joins my doll collection on the shelf. She is the newest of my 14" sized dolls.

She has nice blue eyes and long brown hair. She has a big glittery bow in her hair which is seems collectors are divided on. Some like it and some seem to not care for it. I think it's cute and that it sets this line apart from other dolls.

Her hair is so soft and silky. All of the Glitter Girls dolls have a part down the back so they can wear ponytails without showing scalp.

You can still easily brush their hair out to wear it loose. As you can see, my dolls hair is a bit uneven in the back. Nothing a good trim can't fix.

(Wellie Whishers      Style Girls       Glitter Girls)

Her torso is the exact same size and shape as Wellie Wishers and Style Girl dolls, so they can all share clothes. Her legs and arms can pivot slightly for more poses...
Her plastic is on par with the Wellie Wishers. It seems very hard and durable. The Style Girls dolls are made of a thinner, more pliable plastic.
 Here is Bluebell on the shelf with some of my other 14" dolls.
From left to right:
(Hearts for Hearts-Dell, Glitter Girls-Bluebell, Wellie Wishers-Kendal, Wellie Wishers-Emerson, Style Girls-Skylar)

Bluebell and Dell
Here she is next to Hearts for Hearts, Dell. They have the same eye and hair color. They are both cute but very different. I love the Glitter Girls dolls and I think Bluebell makes a great addition to my 14 inch doll collection.