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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Style Girls Doll - Skylar

I have been behind on my blog posts. Having had the flu didn't help. Here is a follow-up on my last post of the style girls doll I that I purchased from Big Lots.


This is 14" Style Girls doll Skylar, finally deboxed.

The first thing you noticed is her big hair. It is actually in a super curly ponytail. Her hair is fully rooted.

Here she is next to Wellie Wishers, Kendall. She makes the perfect little sister. She is a bit shorter than Kendall and her face looks younger. Kendall face looks a bit more mature and wise, like she's been around the playground a few times lol.

 Their bodies are virtually the same size and shape. Kendall has a longer neck and wider head. Skylar's legs are closer together.

Here they are in each other's outfits. It's a perfect switch. Skylar looks really cute in Kendall's outfit. Kendall looks cute in practically anything.