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Friday, April 14, 2017

My 18" American Girl Sized Brunette Dolls

The weather has been cooperating this week so I decided to grab a few dolls and head outside. These are my American Girl dolls and the compatible sized thick bodied dolls with the cloth bodies. To avoid bringing out to many dolls, I decided on just the brunettes this time.

This brunette girl is Alexandra. She is a Madame Alexander "Girlz". Some of these dolls are a half inch to an inch taller than American Girls and are as poseable.

This cute curly head brunette is April. She is a 2004 Our Generation Battat. You can recognize Battat dolls by the shape of their arms.

These spiral brunette locs belong to Amani. She is an American Girl #46. I just love her face.

This banged brunette is Tess. She is a Gotz Little Sisters Doll. She basically has the same body as American Girl. 

This is Mikaela with brunette Shirley Temple curls. She is an American Girl doll #26. She has Addys face mold and is just as cute.

All of my 18" Brunette Dolls
(Thus far :)