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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Battat - Our Generation 2004

This is an Our Generation Battat with the 2004 face mold. 

You can recognize Battat dolls by their rounded arms. I call them linebacker arms.

These dolls are all 18"tall, comparable to American Girl and can wear some of their clothes although Battats are a bit thinner.

This one has brown eyes and an auburn wig. I have quite a few Battats from different years and they all have different face molds. I like the look of the older dolls features more than the current ones.


  1. I didn't recognize the face, but as soon as you showed her unclothed I recognized the signature OG body. I'm not very familiar with the older faces, but based on this one I have to agree with you - I like this look of this girl more than most of the currently available faces. :)

    1. Hi, when I get a chance I will post some of my other OG Battats. They all look so very different.

  2. I have her! I love her in the wig you put on her. :) Mine is currently in a honey blonde wig like my Calla wears... I can't recall if I even glued it on? I'll have to check. If not, maybe she'll get a makeover to a different color wig soon. :)