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Monday, October 2, 2017

Tonner - New York Night Cami

Ok, it's time to debox one of my dolls and get her on the shelf. Above are the original stock photos of New York Night Cami by Tonner. She is a 16" doll with the very articulated "Antoinette" body. I always liked her light makeup and hair paired with her dark eye makeup.

But sometimes the actual doll does not look like the prototype. So lets see...
I like what I see so far. Her makeup is very light. Her eyes are not as dramatic but the contrast is still there.

She has on a pretty white short dress with a blue lace overlay.

She came with these pretty white strapped shoes with little glass crystals.

Her hair is in this elegant high bun with the rest of her hair in a loose ponytail.

Cami is one of my favorite Tonner face sculpts.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Our Generation Doll - Kaylee

Here is another doll to cross of my wish list. This is a 2014 18" Our Generation Doll, Kaylee. I got her used. She is the only OG Battat doll that I've wanted with this particular face mold. This sculpt wasn't one of my favorites on the larger dolls. I only wanted this one because her curly hair lol! I've always loved Kaylee's light brown curls paired with her blue eyes.

The original doll came with two big puffy ponytails. This is the stock photo of the first addition of Kaylee. I am pretty sure that this is the one that I have.

 This is the stock photo of the newer Kaylee. It appears that they have toned down her curls. The original dolls also came in a cute outfit that consisted of a cream sweater top and light pink skirt.

My doll does not have her original outfit but I really like this dress on her.

When I saw her with her hair down, I know I finally had a Kaylee. Her curls are a bit matted, so I will not attempt to change the style. But I still think it is thick beautiful. I am absolutely in love with her hair!