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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Style Girls Doll - Skylar

I have been behind on my blog posts. Having had the flu didn't help. Here is a follow-up on my last post of the style girls doll I that I purchased from Big Lots.


This is 14" Style Girls doll Skylar, finally deboxed.

The first thing you noticed is her big hair. It is actually in a super curly ponytail. Her hair is fully rooted.

Here she is next to Wellie Wishers, Kendall. She makes the perfect little sister. She is a bit shorter than Kendall and her face looks younger. Kendall face looks a bit more mature and wise, like she's been around the playground a few times lol.

 Their bodies are virtually the same size and shape. Kendall has a longer neck and wider head. Skylar's legs are closer together.

Here they are in each other's outfits. It's a perfect switch. Skylar looks really cute in Kendall's outfit. Kendall looks cute in practically anything.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Style Girls 14" Dolls

After I read a post from bdg's blog, I finally went to Big Lots and took a look at the 14" Style Girl dolls by Play Zone (You can read her original post here.) The dolls are very similar in size and style to American Girl Wellie Wisher dolls.

They come as three different girls, all with the same face mold: Quinn, Skylar,and Piper

The Big Lots that I visited only had two of the 14" dolls left. Both were Skylar which is the one I wanted. So I picked up one. I Thought she would make a cute sister for my Wellie Wisher's Kendall. I will check another locations to see what the other two dolls look like in person.

She has on a cute outfit and comes with her very own backpack. The quality does not that great on the clothes but for only $15 bucks I think she was a good deal.


Her face is so cute and innocent. And I just love here curly hair.

This was just a quick post. I will soon post pics of her out of the box, along with some comparison shots of her with my Wellie Wishers and other dolls.