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Friday, January 11, 2019

Our Generation Doll - Leticia


This is my First new doll of the year! She is a new Our Generation 18" doll. Her name is Leticia. When Battat first came out with this new face mold, I knew I would have to own one. 


The first two dolls were Julieta & Melina, a ballerina & beekeepr.


 There is now also a riding doll with this mold named Elliana.


When I saw Leticia at Target it was a done deal.

Her face is so cute. She has a hint of the cutest little smile.  

Here is her cute profile and the back of her head. Her hair looks black but it is actually a very dark brown.

Her outfit is pretty nifty also. It consists of a striped tee with cutouts at the shoulders. It's matched with a pair of cuffed pants and sandals.

Here she is next to a regular Our Generation doll mold. I just love my new Leticia doll!