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Friday, January 11, 2019

Our Generation Doll - Leticia


This is my First new doll of the year! She is a new Our Generation 18" doll. Her name is Leticia. When Battat first came out with this new face mold, I knew I would have to own one. 


The first two dolls were Julieta & Melina, a ballerina & beekeepr.


 There is now also a riding doll with this mold named Elliana.


When I saw Leticia at Target it was a done deal.

Her face is so cute. She has a hint of the cutest little smile.  

Here is her cute profile and the back of her head. Her hair looks black but it is actually a very dark brown.

Her outfit is pretty nifty also. It consists of a striped tee with cutouts at the shoulders. It's matched with a pair of cuffed pants and sandals.

Here she is next to a regular Our Generation doll mold. I just love my new Leticia doll!



  1. Wow---these dolls are sooooo adorable. How cute are those little accessories (the riding outfit, the shoes, etc)!!!

    1. Yes these dolls are pretty cute and the accessories are just wonderful, even for the adult collector, lol!