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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hearts 4 Hearts Doll - Consuelo

I found this cute Hearts 4 Hearts doll Consuelo at a thrift store. Even though I already had a Consuelo, I couldn't pass her up because she was only $3!

  Her hair was in a ponytail but seemed to be in pretty good shape.

She had a few spots on her skin but otherwise she was in great shape and her limbs were tight.

She came with her original skirt, bracelet and shoes. Finding shoes on a thrift store doll is rare.


After taking down her hair I found it was very soft and silky. Since it was it was probably tied up for a long time it was actually kind of fluffy but still very manageable.

 Here she is next to my original Consuelo. They are the same yet different.

        I think she is super cute so for now, I will be keeping them both, lol.


  1. Oh she is absolutely adorable!!!! That was a great find! And so now the first one has a twin sister! Double the joy!!!

    1. Thank you. Yes, I will have fun playing with both of them!

  2. Both of them are so cute. Great deal on the second one.

    1. Thank you. You never know what deals you may find thrift stores.