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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Crissy - Beautiful Crissy Doll (1968)

Beautiful Crissy Doll - 1968
I actually owned two of these "Beautiful Crissy" dolls in the 70's and when I saw that there were a ton of them on eBay, I bought one. It is all nostalgia for me. It's amazing what great shape she is in considering she is over 40 years old. She is wearing her original orange dress and shoes.


  1. She really does look like she's in great shape! :)

    It's funny, I'd never heard of Crissy dolls until last week, and now I've come across them on two forums and now your blog in just a few days!

    1. Hi, it was not my goal to collect vintage dolls. But now I have to find a second one to keep her company :)